Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New blog

He-he. I can't believe I was able to get the blog address I wanted for this blog.

I love one of a kind hand sculpted ooak dolls. I have sculpted a little in the past. I'm no where as good as all those out there doing it and my drawing skills definitely over power my sculpting skills.

It's been over a good year since I last played with clay. (I call it play, because I'm just a amateur when it comes to sculpting). I probably won't get to start with clay until warm weather. I'm hoping to create little wearable fairies, mermaids, and angels to sell on my site. Also I want to create sculptures of some of my drawings. Maybe I will make molds and offer small limited editions of my favorite angels and mermaids.

I thought I was just go ahead and get my address set up, before someone else grabs it.


  1. So good to meet you Holly! I appreciate your visit to my virtual studio and wanted to "see" yours as well. Your hopes and dreams for future creations are exciting...I'll be back to see your progress! God bless, Rose

  2. holly congrats on the new blog!!!
    look forward to seeing your oak doll creations!! :)

  3. Holly, this is amazing! You're such a talented artist, is there anything you can NOT do????
    I'm so glad you got the domain name you wanted, many congrats and looking forward to seeing your new "babies".

  4. hi Holly...thanks for joining my lets get movin!!! cant wait to see some dolls!!! Colleen

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